Fans of the anime series will be happy to know that Dragon Ball Super episode 130 and 131’s titles have been leaked. However, the bad part is that the Toei Animation-produced globally popular series is finally coming to an end on Sunday, March 25.

Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 130 & 131 Spoilers: Jiren’s Unexpected Help To Goku

Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 130 & 131 Spoilers: Jiren’s Unexpected Help To Goku

What can we see in Dragon Ball Super episode 130?

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 titled An Unprecedented Super Showdown is going to be penultimate episode, which will feature the final battle between Jiren and Goku. Son Goku will make his opponent Jiren happy for having complete mastery over his newly labeled power, Ultra Instinct. Jiren will be glad to be assured that there is at least someone who can challenge his power and stand against him. Even the viewers will be surprised to see that Jiren will try to help Goku.

Now the question lies with Frieza, who has temporarily survived (after being killed by Goku) to join the tournament for Universe 7 just to protect it. The question surrounding his future is one of the biggest issues in the tournament. According to Blasting News, if spoilers are to be trusted for episode 130, his journey is near to an end.

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 may be the end of Tournament

As far as the declaration of Dragon Ball Super episode 131 (finale) titled Goodbye, Goku… Until the Day We Meet Again, the anime enthusiasts are not ready to bid adieu to the series. Even the title starts with the goodbye message to Goku, the protagonist, however, the other part (of the title) hints that the series will surely come back from an indefinite period of hiatus. Hence, we can say that Dragon Ball Super is not ending permanently.

Series creator is working on Dragon Ball movie

Here’s another good news for the dragon ball anime lovers. The series creator, Akira Toriyama has contemplated releasing a new Dragon Ball movie in December 2018, confirmed Anime Mojo. Akira is presently working on the script and characters and taking other preparation for the movie. It is said that the movie will mainly be based on Origin of Saiyans.

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Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 130 & 131 Spoilers