As was requested by members of the community I am posting the rules here. This way there will be a link people can refer back to with questions about the rules.

No excessive swearing.

No offensive language or bullying. Please make sure a post is not offensive to any other religion, person, beliefs, race, or sexuality. Debates are allowed if you’re able to do it in a respectful manner.

No advertising of competitor sites. Even if a video is broken, there is no need to advertise another site to watch anime. Report the video as broken through the button above the video. Then if you must, go search on your own another site to watch an episode while you wait for it to be fixed on DragonBallEarth. Informational links in response to questions (such as wiki) are allowed.

No spoilers. Period. If you must talk about something that happens in the manga or anime, do it on the appropriate page. (Example, things that happen in episode 175 of shippuden can be talked about on episode 175 of shippuden and all episodes after it. However, talk about episode 175 of shippuden is not allowed on episode 174 of shippuden and all the episodes before it).

Do nothing illegal. Hacking accounts and fraud is not allowed. As well as posting of personal information about someone. Hacking an account will give an automatic permanent ban.

* Note: Depending on how many past warnings a person has or how many comments were moved to spam/were deleted, will determine the type of punishment given for breaking any of these rules. Consequences can range from minor warnings to a one week ban, or to even a permanent ban. If you disagree with a decision made based on these rules or by staff you are welcome to share your point of view however being disrespectful will result in deletion of your comment. If you have further questions please email the admin by clicking “Contact Us” on the bottom of the site or you can contact “Mellolily” or “Risaxseph” via ChatAnGo.